We’re all just doing the best we can…

Isn’t the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds album “Skeleton Tree” the saddest album you’ve ever heard?  Today the overwhelming theme has been a feeling that we are all just doing the absolute best we can.  And how simple and sad that is when I think how fragile we are.

I’m not sure what triggered this thought; I think it was realising that so many of my closest people are facing something lonely and dark.  And despite feeling the lightest I have felt for a long while, I can all too easily remember those dark moments.  At any moment in time, any one of us is just doing the best we can; for one a shower snatched between feeding a new baby, for another, practising a presentation before the 20th job interview.

And this can be reflected so well in our practice; finding a rhythm to our breath, finding a comfortable seat for meditation, always with the best intentions we battle through the trickier moments.  When in the darkest moments we have nothing to hold on to except our most basic of skills – breath, emotion, memory, hope… self preservation.  Thank goodness for my yoga practice to summon these skills when most needed!

Let’s be kind to ourselves first and foremost.  And remember, we’re all just doing the best we can, we must be kind to eachother for our shared experience is really all we have.


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