The Path of Least Resistance

Our whole lives we are taught that blood, sweat and tears are the ingredients necessary to achieving our wildest dreams.  We are taught that being busy is akin to being successful.  We are taught that the best things are worth fighting for.

But what about the beauty and lightness of travelling a path with ease?  Why is this considered a cop-out taken by the lazy?

The nature of my Ashtanga practice means that I challenge my sedentary tendencies on a daily basis in order to make my way through this strong, flowing practice.  I have to clear away the negative thoughts convincing me that practice can always wait until tomorrow, and keep these thoughts at bay until my mat is fully rolled out.  But the struggles don’t end there.  I’ve had days where I’ve had 2 hand towels to mop up the sweat.  I’ve scrapped the hair back from my face and twisted and turned, gripped and grappled with every jump through, bind, lift and fold.

Recently I had the opportunity to study intensively with Lino Miele in Kovalam where I discovered the beauty of a softer, smaller, quieter practice and it was mind blowing.  Suddenly I am able to move through my practice with a subtle ease… oh yes I still sweat, and my muscles still ache, but my efforts are more focused and my energy is conserved for the most specific of actions.

So now, how to filter this magic formula from my practice through to other areas of life.  How could I use this concept of small and subtle, to achieve the large and ambitious?

I am only in the early stages of exploring this concept but I am absolutely sure that the merits of a path of least resistance have been underestimated.  I am sure that there is a way to determine a path to our goals that doesn’t promote distress, pain or anxiety.  After all, isn’t the journey supposed to be better than the destination?



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