Making it to the mat…

It should be so easy, there’s no fancy equipment required. No safety gear.  No membership fee.  No grading system.  No test to pass. No team selection…

So why is it sometimes so damn difficult to step on the mat?

Deep down I know, I KNOW, how great I’m going to feel after practice.  That yoga drunk, sweaty but happy, strong and clear headed, hungry and content.  But sometimes it isn’t enough and my mat remains rolled up in the corner and my day begins with a guilt trip.

To some people, physical exertion comes naturally.  Not me…  I’m one of those still trying to convince myself I’m not one of those lazy people Pattabhi Jois was talking about.  I feel the weight of physicality as a mental burden for once I’m on the mat, moving, the limbs move freely.  Mentally though I’d feel the dead weight of lethargy.  The first thing I hear when I wake up is my mind reeling off all the reasons that today is a terrible day for yoga.

But today was a great day for yoga! One day at a time I battle those yoga demons sitting on my shoulder.  Some days I’ll win and some days I’ll lose but each time that I make it to the mat those neural pathways become a little bit more familiar, and the route a little easier.  After all, that’s what practice is to me; a morning walk through the village of my mind greeting those asanas as old friends with something new to teach me.


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