Yoga, Food & Me

Food has always been a major part of my life but never more so than since I’ve been regularly practising Yoga.  Although food & diet might not immediately spring to mind when thinking of yoga, it has had been a key part in my own yoga tale. Most yoga texts and teachers will make at…

The Shifting Realities of Asana Practice

What has changed for you under your very own eyes without you even noticing? Do you need to update the story you are telling of yourself?

How To Moon Day

Think of it as a fortnightly M.O.T to check in and recalibrate before hitting the road again.

We’re all just doing the best we can…

Let’s be kind to ourselves first and foremost. And remember, we’re all just doing the best we can, we must be kind to eachother for our shared experience is really all we have.

The Path of Least Resistance

But what about the beauty and lightness of travelling a path with ease? Why is this considered a cop-out taken by the lazy?

Lessons from Lino

I imagine I am barely visible now, made of just 2 elements, breath + body, and my practice is as small as a grain of sand.

Making it to the mat…

It should be so easy, there’s no fancy equipment required. No safety gear. No membership fee. No grading system. No test to pass. No team selection…


Why do I Yoga?  #WhyIYoga – this was a tricky one.  I mean ultimately this blog is dedicated to answering that question and will probably never quite get there.  Yet in my instagram I’m trying to do it in one #whyiyoga post